Cheeky Chairs for Stadiums

Due to ongoing supply chain interruptions, we are unable to provide custom-imaged chairs at this time. To shop for your favorite solid-color chairs, please visit our Amazon supplier partner at Grandstand Stadium Chairs.”

Want to show off your sense of humor and sit more comfortably at the next live sporting event you attend? Cheeky chairs are the answer. These stadium chairs with funny backs will have everyone around you laughing as you all cheer for your hometown team. Our funny stadium chairs are made with the same high-quality materials and construction as all of our Sideline logo chairs. Our ultra-padded, lightweight stadium chairs with sayings will give your backside the support it needs while you support your team. Check out all of our cheeky chairs today.

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Cheeky Chairs that Show Your Personality

Rooting for your favorite team shouldn't leave your backside begging for relief. With cheeky chairs from Sideline Gear, you'll feel supported and have the chance to show off your sense of humor. Whether it's poking fun at the refs or showing support for your son or daughter in a fun way, our funny stadium chairs are perfect for any live sporting event.

Cheeky Chairs: Light in Weight but Heavy in Support

Weighing just under 8 pounds, our cheeky chairs and all Sideline logo chairs are the lightest of their kind, but they are also strong enough to support up to 500 pounds. Our built-in bleacher hook gives you that extra stability you need when you're sitting on metal or wooden bleachers. Our stadium chairs with funny backs are sure to keep you sitting in comfort (and style) every time.

Choose Sideline Gear's Cheeky Chairs to Support You and Your Team

We've spent thousands of hours sitting on our butts watching our favorite teams, so we decided to find a solution that would help us and you, our fellow sports fanatics. Our cheeky chairs and other logo chairs are designed with your comfort in mind so you can focus on what is really important: cheering on your team. Don't let a sore rump keep you from giving your team your undivided attention and support. Try one of our stadium chairs with funny backs today, and you'll be sitting in comfort at your next sporting event. Don’t see the design you’re looking for? Sideline Gear offers customizable stadium seats to meet your needs. Contact us to find out more.