Our Story

Founded by two life-long friends, Sideline Gear was built on a shared entrepreneurial spirit, love for sports, and desire to give back to the community. Over the years, we have collectively spent hundreds of hours sitting on the bleachers. We tried everything from foam cushions, metal chairs, fabric chairs – basically anything that would make the experience less miserable. Finally, we decided to solve our own problem.

We wanted to design a chair that was not only comfortable, but also lightweight, sturdy, attractive, and affordable. Then we wanted to figure out a way to give back to the sports that have given so much to us. For every chair purchased with your team’s logo, we will donate 20% of the proceeds back to the sports programs that help us get them into the hands of discerning fans.

Always the best seat in the house – here’s how we did it!

Our first big step was producing a stadium chair that appealed to anyone attending any event where there is inadequate, uncomfortable, or no seating.  We visualized designing a chair that solved the discomfort and fatigue that frequently gets in the way of spectator enjoyment. Our primary focus was on the sports enthusiasts, concertgoers, and fanatics in every city, town, or rural region of the country.
Our second step was to innovate a chair that knocked the socks off any competitor. We left no stone unturned in making our stadium chairs extra durable – yet lightweight, conveniently portable – yet versatile, super functional - yet attractive.  Most importantly, we insisted on “VIP-Suite” comfort no matter whose butt eventually relaxes in it. Judging by the thousands who endorsed our brand, we did a great job!  It showed up at events everywhere, and the reviews were amazing.  We thought that was the end of it, but it was only the beginning. Today we have four core markets that drive our business.
1.     Enriching the Individual Fan Experience

Our stadium chair takes spectator comfort to another level!  Say goodbye to numb butts, unforgiving hard bleacher benches, and forced standing around.  Our aluminum framing makes this stadium chair lighter than other bulky, heavy, steel-frame competitors.  You will hardly notice it's with you, even if it means trekking to remote locations.  Then, sit back in at-home luxury, no matter how rugged the surroundings.  Use our stadium chair in any setting – rainy bleacher days, at the beach, even on your boat – for extra-cushion leisure, knowing it will never rust, even if doused with salt-water.  Customers have raved about our ability to achieve such comfort and stability from such a lightweight and easy-traveling stadium chair.  Sideline Gear's reputation for unsurpassed quality and comfort boasts unmatched value for your dollar.  
2.     A Turnkey Fundraising Program

Schools and clubs involved in youth leagues thrive on quality coaching, mentoring kids, and instilling the importance of team spirit from an early age.  In turn, organizers depend heavily on the financial and devoted support from families to build and maintain these vital programs.  It's no secret that parents proudly show their support in every way they can - often traveling many miles to cheer at games.  Nothing demonstrates fan patronage more than logo embossed merchandise.  That's where your customized Sideline Gear Stadium Chair comes in.  It's the ideal bridge between showing team support and routing much-needed funding to youth team programs. Our association with Pop Warner, the not-for-profit youth athletic organization, has taught us how to create enormous fundraising opportunities for clubs, teams, and schools in sports like football, baseball, soccer, tennis, track, cheer, lacrosse, and more.  We are leveraging this experience to welcome all groups to bolster their fundraising coffers!  By directing parents to our site to buy their team’s stadium chair, with customized logo, groups will benefit from our twenty percent-of-the-price donation back to the club.  It's a win-win for the fans and the franchise, with a unique and useful product that compellingly promotes your teams and atheletes!  If you want to take advantage of our Turnkey Fundraising Program, it's as simple as 1-2-3.  Just give us a call!
3.     Sport your Favorite Collegiate Team Chairs

Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and other sports across national professional leagues and colleges are pillars of American culture and society.  Fan support can go back as far as childhood and only grows from there.  Our Sideline Gear team recognizes the passion and fun of throwing yourself wholeheartedly behind your favorite teams.  We know how much showing your team allegiance energizes the experience.  Our vision is to secure the licensing rights to feature the logos of branded franchises like the NCAA, NASCAR, MLB and many more.  We have just begun the process and while it’s very early days, our mission is to expand these and other portfolios over time.
4.     Corporate Branding

Your customers, employees, vendors, and associates respond to big-feature events.  They love sports, concerts, festivals, auto-racing events – or anything that promises excitement and an escape from the everyday routine.  When you reward deserving people in your business by taking them to where the action is, a Sideline Gear Stadium Chair is a must-giveaway at the same time.  Our stadium chairs featuring your logo for all to see will attract the attention of huge audiences.  It's an effective and affordable part of the mosaic that works to build your brand image.  Not only that, but our chair is also a gift that your people will value because they will use it for years to come.  With your name on it, they'll never forget who gave it to them.  It's a creative and affordable way to enhance your brand and build customer loyalty.